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Rising from the dead!

After my old computer took a shit, I took a looooong hiatus from the Sims 2 until about a week and a half ago when I reinstalled. Obviously at this point, I'm starting from scratch, I lost everything. But I'm looking forward to getting back into things.

Wan/Shikibu Family Makeovers

I've been sitting on tons of photos just because I've been to lazy to make entries. Eek!

I've never played these ladies before, but here's my take anyway. 
Pics and bios this way...Collapse )

Lacuna's asylum has actually been functioning for 4 weeks...I turn aging off everyday but Sundays. So the "challenge" is well underway. They already lost 2 patients, who I never got pictures of. Anyhoo...

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Capp Family Makeovers

I've been sitting on these for a little while, but these are my favourite pictures so far.
Meet the:

(Warning! Major Picspam...)Collapse )

Busy but not dead

Ok so I haven't even loaded up my game in over a month. I have some pictures of The Capp family I haven't uploaded yet. Being a single parent of a daughter who just turned one, and who is teething, is exhausting. Hopefully Astrid gets those teeth in soon so I can go back to sleeping in my own damn bed!
Also to top that off, I have been plagued with horrible pain from ovarian cysts since September and I finally had surgery about two weeks ago to remove a cyst the size of an orange from my left ovary. Finally feeling more like myself again.

Sims related updates soon...I hope.


Summerdream Family Makeover

Patel Family Makeover

After a "full family" like the Baldwins, I was after a little bit of an easier makeover with the Patels. 

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Baldwin Family

Next up is the Baldwin Family from Belladonna Cove. I'm not quite sure how I will play them yet, but they sure are a cute family. 

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Lacuna: My Custom Hood

So, along with the Uberhood, that I don't play yet because of the massive project of I have going trying to make everybody over, I have a custom hood called Lacuna. I'm horrible at neighbourhood decor and there are only 4 homes, so no neighbourhood view pics....but Salem Lacuna, the founder, is my favourite Sim and I thought I'd share her pictures here. As soon as I can figure it out, I'd like to offer her for download also.

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Cleveland Family Makeover

Bouncing over to BellaDonna Cove this time. Another family whose home I've never entered before. I'm having fun discovering what I feel are their "true selves'.

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