Lilith Pleasant

Busy but not dead

Ok so I haven't even loaded up my game in over a month. I have some pictures of The Capp family I haven't uploaded yet. Being a single parent of a daughter who just turned one, and who is teething, is exhausting. Hopefully Astrid gets those teeth in soon so I can go back to sleeping in my own damn bed!
Also to top that off, I have been plagued with horrible pain from ovarian cysts since September and I finally had surgery about two weeks ago to remove a cyst the size of an orange from my left ovary. Finally feeling more like myself again.

Sims related updates soon...I hope.
Salem Lacuna & Graffiti

Lacuna: My Custom Hood

So, along with the Uberhood, that I don't play yet because of the massive project of I have going trying to make everybody over, I have a custom hood called Lacuna. I'm horrible at neighbourhood decor and there are only 4 homes, so no neighbourhood view pics....but Salem Lacuna, the founder, is my favourite Sim and I thought I'd share her pictures here. As soon as I can figure it out, I'd like to offer her for download also.

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