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Contrary Family Makeover

I've never even entered this house before yesterday, but I already have some plans for this family. 


Edward seems wise and thoughtful. I also thought I would play on the fact that his bio says he "calls on" John Mole to hear what he knows about the Sims he is watching. So I changed his job to a custom one, and he is a Criminal Psychologist. 


Opal's LTW is to be a City Planner. She quit her job in Oceanography and is now an Architectural Partner. She's a real go-getter. When she's not working, she's obsessed with Fitness. 


Rick, in typical teenage fashion, thinks that his parents don't "get" him. At first thought, I could see him with Lilith Pleasant since they seem to be kindred spirits. But then I thought Rick could be really struggling with something. I decided to make him gay. He's still in the closet though, while I search for potential boyfriends. 

Also in the process of a total overhaul of the family home. Its awful. Seriously, EAxis?!

Tags: bios, contrary family, desiderata valley, makeovers, sims 2

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