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Lacuna: My Custom Hood

So, along with the Uberhood, that I don't play yet because of the massive project of I have going trying to make everybody over, I have a custom hood called Lacuna. I'm horrible at neighbourhood decor and there are only 4 homes, so no neighbourhood view pics....but Salem Lacuna, the founder, is my favourite Sim and I thought I'd share her pictures here. As soon as I can figure it out, I'd like to offer her for download also.

Meet Salem. She's 26 years old and lives with her cat, Graffiti.
Shes a Knowledge Sim and hasn't chosen her Secondary Aspiration yet.
Her LTW is to be the Head of the SCIA and she's currently a Field Agent.

Salem is a Pisces. Her stats are 5-0-9-4-7
Her turn ons are Creativity and Full Face Makeup and her 
Turn off is Zombieism.
Her OTH is Tinkering but she autonomously paints a lot. 

Her frequent Wants have led me to infer she is obsessed with the Far East. 
She's been twice and wants a home there. 

Based on the Sims she gets along with I've also inferred that she finds it hard to
connect to Sims her own age. She prefers the company of Elder females.

Her deep dark secret is although she is a Knowledge Sim, and is very painfully shy,
she often wants to WooHoo unspecified Sims randomly. She even had a one night stand
on vacation and hasn't thought about the guy since. I think I may use this information when picking her Secondary.

This is my most FAV picture of Salem and her kitty, Graffiti.

Tags: custom hood, lacuna, picspam, salem, sims 2

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