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Patel Family Makeover

After a "full family" like the Baldwins, I was after a little bit of an easier makeover with the Patels. 

A cute shot of the happy, expectant couple. This one is hanging in their apartment.


Doesn't Ramir look rather dapper? I picture him as a hardworking, ambitious, sweet man. He spoils his wife, and wants many children to spoil as well. Since he's such a "provider" type, I'm thinking Family will be his secondary Aspiration.


Quiet and unassuming, Ana has been satisfied with her life so far. She's been dreaming her whole life of becoming a mommy, and her life is about to become complete. Ramir is trying to convince her to quit her job at the restaurant so she can enjoy her future children, but she doesn't mind contributing. 

Tags: belladonna cove, bios, makeovers, patel family, sims 2

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