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Capp Family Makeovers

I've been sitting on these for a little while, but these are my favourite pictures so far.
Meet the:

Tybalt Capp

Moody and generally unfriendly on the exterior, Tybalt uses his bad attitude as a defense mechanism. With the death of his mother, father, and grandmother in the recent past, he feels the only way to avoid feeling hurt anymore is by pushing everyone away. Inside though, he longs for closeness. His only true joy comes from participating in musical theatre and other performing arts (his OTH is Music and Dance). He thinks he may be gay, but he's not sure he's ready to share that yet. 

Juliette Capp

Saccharine sweet, but silently rebellious, Juliette hides many secrets. I chose to change her OTH from games to Music because I felt it suited her better. She plays the violin and does ballet because that's what her grandfather wants, but she longs for a drum set to play in a loud rock band. With her brother causing a lot of problems at home after the recent string of family deaths, Juliette is torn between obeying her family's wishes to keep the peace and following her heart.

Hermia Capp

Hermia is shy, studious, and a tad eccentric. She loves to get lost in a good book but she is also silently observing those around her. She dreams of writing a novel someday.  She and Puck Summerdream seem to be a good romantic match, and she hopes they will be together long after college. Hermia looks up to Titania Summerdream a lot, and would really like her to teach her about Witchcraft.

Consort Capp

Consort did not get where he is today by being nice, and he is very proud of that. Stepping on friends and the "little people" to make his millions has been totally worth it. His bio says his feud with Patrizio is business related, but it's not. He may never admit the truth. He stole his best friend Patrizio's girlfriend, Contessa, when they were teenagers, and does not feel badly about it. It's just another example of how sometimes you have to step on a few toes in order to get your way...

A lovely formal shot of the family, which is hanging in their mansion. How uncomfortable doesTybalt look in that suit?! Ha!
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