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Lacuna: Nevermore Insane Asylum--Meet the Patients

Lacuna's asylum has actually been functioning for 4 weeks...I turn aging off everyday but Sundays. So the "challenge" is well underway. They already lost 2 patients, who I never got pictures of. Anyhoo...

All of the patients were created in CAS and all (except the playable) had their stats and Aspirations determined by dice rolls. But I did make up back stories for all of them because that's just how I am. :)

Mira Johanso (Playable)

Mira is my playable in the asylum and she is a Knowledge Sim. She lets her hunger for knowledge run her life (her LTW is to Max all skils), and is determined to know everything. She is a Top Secret Researcher and landed herself in NIA because she began blabbing Lacuna government secrets. When she is released she is still planning on somehow telling everyone the truth. She de-stresses by playing the piano, filling the asylum with music well into the night.
Mira's Stats: 6-8-5-0-6

Ritchie Barker

Ritchie's story is kind of a sad one,  His family abandoned him at NIA because he is extremely immature. He has a hard time focusing, socializing, and relating to other people. Those who observe him say he lives in his own little world and doesn't talk much. His family assumed he had an extremely low IQ, but since coming to the asylum he has discovered he is quite a brilliant painter. He paints until he passes out and his artwork adorns all the rooms of the asylum. I didn't plan that when making him, but now I see him as having some sort of autism spectrum disorder.

Mandy Jarvis

Mandy is the Queen Bitch of the entire town of Lacuna. She gets some sort of twisted joy out of teasing others until they cry, getting into fights, and tormenting neighbours she doesn't even know. (She kicks trash cans and steals papers from Sims she has never even met. She is quick to lose her temper. One minute you can be watching a movie with her and the next she's shoving you and giggling about it. Ritchie frustrates her to no end because he is always goofing off. (LOL at her yelling at him for ruining their group shot with a weird pose.) She digs punching the punching bag. 

Anita Hernandez

Anita is a sweet and beautiful girl who has some ugly problems. She cries a lot and is often caught stuffing her face in front of the fridge. She has a lot of disordered eating habits, often eating when she isn't hungry and has been busted a few times eating spoiled food just to eat it. She has very low self esteem and seeks to validate herself by woohooing with as many Sim men as will have her. She's very smart and she is the reigning chess champion of the house.

Kamila Carson

Kamila is at NIA simply because she expects too much from herself and has been driven to exhaustion. She wants it all, the money, the perfect husband, the perfect kids, the perfect career...and she isn't very forgiving of herself when she makes mistakes.  She's not crazy, she just needs to learn to chill. She is an excellent cook and often treats her fellow patients to homemade Lobster Thermidor dinners.

Demetri Mitchell

Demetri once had a happy life. He married his high school sweetheart, he had a great job, a beautiful house, 3 gorgeous kids, and a dog. That was before. One night, after working the graveyard shift, he returned to a nightmare. His entire home consumed by fire. His entire family had died. He, quite understandably, lost it. He wonders if he will ever be happy again.

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